How Much Money Can I Make As A Truck Driver

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Digital technology has permitted easy communication and thus there is no longer a high need of shipping physical documents and letters, but this cannot be said about products. Manufacturers and wholesalers still need to send products from production warehouses and plants to both consumers and retailers; therefore, truck drivers are always in need. Who knows if the future will change this once and for all, but in the meantime, it appears that truck drivers are here to stay for a long time.

The Pay for Truck Drivers Vary Depending on Task

Due to driving long distance to deliver goods, truck drivers are able to garner a meaningful salary, hence why so many people every year are opting to become this type of professional. As a truck driver, you are either classified as a driver of heavy trucks, freight forwarders, light trucks, or freight trucks. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted a significant growth in jobs in this field.

Wage Statistics

It is important to note that heavy truck drivers tend to earn more than light truck drivers, as driving heavy trucks tends to be a more rigorous task, requiring worker to be away from home for long periods of time, from several days to even a week. Some drivers tend to get the same route, while others get more. Employers really take this into consideration and thus pay more.

It does not matter the type of truck driver that you end up wanting to be; you will be required to obtain a special type of license in order to be certified, as well as training, one that goes hand in hand with what the law mandates. There are some employers who have several requirements when it comes to obtaining a higher pay; these include years of experience and one’s age.

It has been estimated that the average pay per hour for this type of professional is between $11.90 and $16.80. Those individuals who have at least four years of experience tend to get paid between $13.30 and $17.80 per hour. Driver of light trucks average between $8.00 and $14.00 an hour. Increments are made to his or her salary even before obtaining five to nine years of experience in the field. As a result, a driver could expect to earn between $11.50 and $17.70 an hour.

Drivers of light delivery trucks have been noted to average between $8.80 and $14.40 an hour. As they gain experience, small increments are made until they reach five to nine years of experience and thus begin garnering up to $17.70 per hour. Many truck drivers like the fact that they can earn more as they obtain experience.

Some States Pay More than Others

Now, depending on the state a truck driver resides can equal more money. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that long distance truck drivers in the state of Alaska earn on average $50,050.00 every year, which is definitely a lot compared to others states, like Florida. Second place goes to the state of Nevada, as truck drivers there earn on average $45,650.00 a year. In Massachusetts, truck drivers can expect to make $45,240.00 every year on average. On the other hand, in Texas, truck drivers have been noted to earn $37.220.00 every year on average, which has definitely made a lot of people confused, as Texas employs the largest number of truck drivers in the country. Some experts have stated that things in Texas tend to be cheaper than Alaska, so Texan drivers are not really losing to this particular state. If one stops and thinks about, this makes sense in several levels.

Truck Driver Positions Will Experience a Growth in Number

Economic growth equals to more need of truck drivers, as demand for consumer goods would increase and thus there would be a grand need to send products to different states across the country. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has informed that jobs for drivers of heavy trucks will have an increase of 21% by 2020, which is definitely a high percentage when compared to the statistics of previous years. This particular growth rate is 7% above the national average that is expected for all the jobs in other fields. For new truckers, there is more favorable job prospects due to this strong industry growth.

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