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Are you one of those individuals above the age of 21 searching for trucking companies that will train and hire? Since you have already decided to drive a truck for a living the first step in the right direction is to acquire a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). To earn yourself the CDL you have got to be trained which leaves you with two options among them is self-sponsoring your CDL training which can cost you anywhere between $3,000 – $6,500 and this might not be inclusive of endorsements which are vital in a career. The second option is to seek truck driving companies that have company-sponsored CDL training programs meaning the trucking company gets to cover all the upfront cost associated with the CDL training.

Is The Company Sponsored CDL Training Really Free?

Probably you’re wondering what’s the catch, well nothing is really free in this world and when a company offers you free training and hire you as well they will obviously ask for some assurances. In this case, upon successful completion of the CDL training and exam, you are required to sign an employee agreement which subjects you to work for the company for a period of two years which a standard requirement. This allows the company to re-coup the costs of your CDL training.

Advantages Associated With Company Sponsored CDL Training

Besides the fact that these trucking companies cover your upfront CDL training tuition cost saving you from the burden of expenses they do also hire you almost immediately. You might think going for self-sponsoring is the best way but upon completion, you might end up searching for a job endlessly considering the fact that many companies will ask a one-year experience before they hire a professional driver. These trucking companies will hold your hand and give you the much-needed experience.

In addition to the above advantages, the deal is sweetened by the fact that a trucking driver is set to make between $40,000 to $70,000 per year this is according to a research by the Bureau of labor Statistics.

When choosing what might be the right trucking company for you there are some factors you should take into consideration such as:

  • The duration of the contract
  • How long have been they into the business
  • What type of reputation do they have with their employees
  • Where the company operates from
  • How often will you be home?
  • What’s the pay and the benefits

Now that you know company-sponsored CDL training option is a far and away better, why don’t we look at the below top trucking companies that will train and hire…

1. USA Truck

For over 30 years now the USA Truck has been one of the leading trucking companies by performance and quality of their services. they are also one of the largest over the road carriers They have set very high standards in each of service areas they engage on. Just recently they were awarded Top Pay Carrier Certification by the National Transportation Institute.

They do train new drivers and to show the commitment to their drivers they have offered them very favorable terms of employment such as Longevity bonus, great mileage pay, vacation pay, breakdown, medical, dental, vision and insurance, no-touch freights, detention short haul pay, safety and monthly mileage bonuses adding to 5 cents per mile. Their drivers also get home weekly in areas such as Chicago, IL, Louisville, Memphis, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Fremont, OH, Dayton, OH, OH, Columbus, OH, Harrisburg, PA, Marcy, NY, Toledo, OH among others. In addition to the wide array of benefits new graduates who have less than six months experience usually receive $1,000 bonus just for completing their training program.

2. MAVERICK Transportation

Over the last three decades, MAVERICK has established itself as an industry leader and has been termed as one of the leading carriers in the transportation industry. Some of the areas they operate on are Laurinburg, Church Hill, North Little rock, F.T Smith, Burkburnett, Green Bay, AU Gres, Madison among many others areas. They do provide training on a glass, temperature controlled and flatbed divisions. Some of the benefits they offer their students upon completion are paid vacation, 401(k) Retirement plan +match, $38-$45 per mile, weekend guarantee pay, paid life insurance policy, health/dental insurance, among other numerous benefits.

3.  Roehl Transport

Another company that provides transportation services and has paid CDL Training program is Roehl.  Roehl Transport will pay you before you get you’re a CDL $500 on a weekly basis and your set to make over $50,000 in a year. If you’re looking to become a professional truck driver look no further than Roehl Transport.

Their training takes a duration of 15 months, and you should agree to drive more than 120,000 miles. Some of the locations where they conduct their training on are Texas, Chicago, Illinois, Dallas, among others. Apart from the $50,000 annual earning your set to receive a complete premium benefits package which includes life insurance, health/dental insurance, paid holiday and vacations, 401(K) among others.

 4. FFE

It’s a company which has been accredited student driver academy located in Lancaster Texas and provide Carrier services in North America. The company has been one of the leading companies offering company sponsored training to students who don’t have a CDL-A or any experience. The best thing about FFE is that you can earn your CDL in three weeks, they have a ratio of 4 to 1 student instructor ratio, you are paid $400 per week, and meals are provided.  Upon graduation, you are entitled to paid vacations, 401K, medical/dental vision insurance, weekly payroll, disability insurance among other benefits.

5.  Millis Transfer

This is one of the leading fleet services providers that has continued to provide excellent services to its clients since 1936.the company on numerous occasions have been named “Carrier of the year”, and “certified Top Pay Carrier” as you are guaranteed to earn $50,000 a year working as a truck driver. When you successfully complete their training some of the benefits they offer customers are health insurance, 3 weeks’ vacation, flat screen TV and Satellite Radio on trucks, among other benefits. For you to qualify as their driver you need to cover 115,000 miles and finish the 12-week personalized program. Some of the areas where schools are located are Hamilton, Ohio, Cartersville, Georgia, Richfield, Wisconsin, Burleson, Texas, Eden, North Carolina and Central Refrigerated.

Final Thoughts And Advice

Well-conducted research is vital for the success of one’s career. It’s of much importance to take your time and think it through before choosing any company offering free CDL training. In the trucking industry where there is never ending driver shortage there are opportunities for a decent job, however, the standards of entry are high and the expectations from your employers are high as well. Remember working in a trucking industry isn’t a simple task and trucking is a lifestyle, not a job. If you’re the right person for this job then go for it since truck driving is an enjoyable and rewarding way of life.

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